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  • BUILDING BUDDIES traveling exhibitionInteractive village that invites young children to play and explore.
  • DISCOVERYLAND permanent galleryScience discovery voyage in the "sky" for children.
  • KIDS CELEBRATE! traveling exhibitionKids explore the rich diversity of celebrations.
  • CAPSUL a new kind of walletCompact, clever and colourful wallet.
  • MOVING WITH THE RIVER exhibitionVisitors explore the emergence and transformation of Canada.
  • MY ARCTIC DISCOVERY permanent galleryPlayful and interactive interpretation of the Arctic for kids.
  • ARTV TELEVISION cultural magazineKurt hosts the french television series "Le design est partout".
  • REYNOLDS FAMILY EXHIBITION master planDevelopment of the new children permanent gallery.
  • PLAYBLOK systemHighly resistant foam construction blocks with custom graphics.
  • XENITH X-1 football helmetInnovative head protection technology.
  • CHILDREN'S MUSEUM museum renewalExpanded and new permanent experience galleries and public spaces.
BUILDING BUDDIES traveling exhibition1 DISCOVERYLAND permanent gallery2 KIDS CELEBRATE! traveling exhibition3 CAPSUL a new kind of wallet4 MOVING WITH THE RIVER exhibition5 MY ARCTIC DISCOVERY permanent gallery6 ARTV TELEVISION cultural magazine7 REYNOLDS FAMILY EXHIBITION master plan8 PLAYBLOK system9 XENITH X-1 football helmet10 CHILDREN'S MUSEUM museum renewal11


The word toboggan is of Native American Algonquian
origin and probably refers to a towing sled.

Toboggan is a creative studio that designs playful + mindful
interactive experiences, environments and objects.